FAMILY. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Jody, since 2001. Jody finished her second bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2012 and greatly enjoys her job as a school nurse at Dakota Valley Elementary in Aurora. Over the past 15 years together, God has blessed us with the three greatest boys in the world: Seth (13), Matthew (12), and Samuel (9). We are a very active family. We enjoy baseball and basketball seasons each year along with the year-round recreation including camping and skiing.

One final note concerning my family profile is that I am a 3rd generation pastor. My grandfather began our heritage in ministry in 1951 when he auctioned off his dairy farm to become the first in his family ever to attend college before moving on to his M.Div. and a lifetime of service in pastoral ministry. My father, after investing 20 years growing a successful family practice, stepped away from medicine for over 10 years to serve as the lead pastor in a church plant before seeing his dual vocational interests converge as a palliative care physician.

PIONEER/BUILDER. From individual lives to major ministry initiatives, my heart lies in pioneering and building what did not previously exist. This pioneering interest has found expression in an inner-city basketball program in St. Louis, the development and oversight of two student ministries (including facility design/construction), small group/discipleship program development, church planting, ongoing mission involvement and church building abroad — all in an effort to see people shaped and equipped for ongoing service according to God’s purposes for their lives.

DIVERSITY. Over the years, I have been fortunate to gain leadership experience in a variety of settings. My years in ministry have included inner-city, small-town rural, and suburban contexts. My education ranged from the midwest to the east coast to the west coast. Ministry partnerships have allowed for extensive local and international opportunities. These opportunities have prepared me to impact leaders and make disciples in a variety of circumstances and have cultivated adaptability and flexibility in the pursuit of God’s purposes with those around me.